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It isn’t exaggerating to state land equals freedom. Owning land gives people autonomy and control of their very own lives. Whenever you own land, you are able to determine what for you to do by using it – for example utilizing it for growing the food or farming. This, consequently, provides you with more economic freedom and enables you to more self-reliant.

Regrettably, land prices within the U . s . States are really high. Even just in “cheap” states like South Dakota, you will probably pay greater than $2,000 per acre of farmland. Cropland is much more costly. Should you can’t afford these land prices, one option would be to consider free land within the U . s . States.

Yes, you’ll be able to get free land.&nbsp

But, as with everything free, you will find catches involved.

Here, we’ll review the places still supplying free land in the united states, why they’d hand out land, exactly what the catches are, and a few alternative solutions to get your chunk of property.

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So Why Do Towns Hand Out Free Land?

Free land programs have lengthy been a part of America’s heritage. The Homesteading Act of 1862 gave away 160 acres of land to individuals to cause them to become get ready remote areas and cultivate land.

As the Homesteading Act led to 1976, some small towns have initiated their very own free land programs to improve economic growth. Over time, the towns are in position to take advantage of the property taxes they’ll jump on the homes. More and more people within an area also decreases the price of services per person.

Warning: When the Land Is Free Of Charge, It’s Most likely for a simple reason

If everyone was willing to cover the land, towns wouldn’t provide away free of charge. So, around the united states with free land will have lots of problems. The majority are in areas susceptible to disasters like tornadoes and droughts. They are significant concerns that should not be taken gently.

As you person stated, “I increased in Lincoln subsequently, Kansas, which land continues to be free since 2007. It’s also inside a place where it’ll ton when a large rain comes.”

Although some metropolitan areas offer free plots, the majority of the free land come in very rural and remote areas. Rural existence includes its challenges – particularly the possible lack of job possibilities (and also the rampant poverty this creates in the region).&nbsp

It’s doubtful that you will find fertile land free of charge, so living from the land can be challenging. Even though you manage, you’ll have in all probability to visit far distances to market your goods. And, should you work at home online, be cautioned the web connection in remote places could be terrible.

What’s The Issue?

It should not be surprising the free land programs are filled with catches. These catches usually allow it to be unattainable the disposable land without having to spend lots of money on creating a home (what sort of defeats the disposable land perk).

You most likely will not be permitted to construct your own house or make use of the land for homesteading, either!

Listed here are the most typical clauses you’ll get in free land programs:

House Only

Just about all free land available (even just in rural states like Kansas and Iowa) is perfect for residential only use.

Due to residential zoning rules, you most likely won’t have the ability to make use of the land for homesteading or farming. Some towns even particularly state that you will not have the ability to have farm creatures or chickens around the free land.

The House Should Be of the Certain Value or Sq Footage

Most free land programs need you to develop a home of the specific value or sq footage. The amounts are not small!

For instance, to obtain free land in Halstad, Minnesota, you have to develop a home by having an assessed value with a minimum of $175,000. To obtain free land in Marne, Iowa, the house should be a minimum of 1,200 sq. ft. As well as in Lincoln subsequently, Kansas, the home should have a footprint with a minimum of 1,300 sq. ft.

These terms exist since the towns need to make money by collecting property taxes in your home. Make sure you carefully calculate the expected property taxes prior to getting attracted in through the lure of free land.&nbsp

Prove Financing

Since the free land programs need you to develop a home, additionally they usually need evidence of financing. If you would like free land to save cash, you will possibly not possess the necessary funding.

Meet Building Codes

Don’t think you can build your own house on the free stretch of land. The terms usually say you need to meet all building codes and rules (which might need you to make use of a licensed contractor).&nbsp

Remember that many the disposable land available is within very rural areas. Best of luck obtaining a contractor arrive at your middle-of-nowhere property for any low cost.

Build the house within Period Of Time

You typically must develop a home around the free land within one to three years. If you fail to build an authorized residence within this time-frame, the home will revert towards the city, or you will have to purchase it in the city.

Off Grid Not Permitted

Free find residential lots usually should be attached to the city utilities. You will possibly not be legally in a position to live off-grid around the land.

For additional, read: Off-Grid Laws and regulations of each and every Condition in the united states

Is Free Of Charge Rural Land Worthwhile?

Free land programs that need you to develop a home usually don’t make sense financially: the different options are a lot more money to construct a house that fits the needs than you’d should you just bought land somewhere.

Bear in mind that creating a new house is costly. Free land programs happen to be in places where property value is low. Should you spend $100,000 to construct a house that fits the disposable-land needs, it’s unlikely that you will ever have the ability to market it for your much.

Due to this, free land programs only seem sensible for those who live in the region and were already thinking about creating a new house.

States Where One Can Get Free Rural Land

By 2023, there are just 5 states where one can get free rural land. Observe that these programs are operated by the city or county (there aren’t any condition-run free land programs). These programs could exhaust free land or expire anytime.&nbsp

1. Minnesota

Minnesota is among the best states free of charge land. In addition to several towns with free land programs, however these towns offer other incentives, for example free electrical hookups and building permits.&nbsp

By 2023, the next places in Minnesota have free land programs:

  • Richland
  • Claremont
  • Halstad
  • Argyle
  • Middle River

For more information on these programs, read ways to get free land in Minnesota

2. Kansas

Several small towns in Kansas hand out free land. By 2023, these Kansas towns have free land available:

  • Lincoln subsequently
  • Mankato
  • Plainville
  • Osborne

For additional info on these programs, check this out publish about ways to get free land in Kansas.

3. Iowa

Several towns in Iowa have attempted free land programs. However, many of these programs were short-resided or no more available. By 2023, only these towns in Iowa have free land available:

  • Marne
  • Manilla
  • Osceola

For more information, read ways to get free land in Iowa

4. Nebraska

Many towns in Nebraska provide incentives for brand new residents, for example moving packages or tax abatements. There are also several free land programs in Nebraska (most of which aren’t active). By 2023, these towns in Nebraska offer free land:

  • Curtis
  • Beatrice
  • Elwood

For more information about these programs, read ways to get free land in Nebraska

5. Colorado

The town of Flagler, Colorado, includes a free land incentive. However, this program is just for companies and never for residential use. The accessible land doesn’t have utilities, so any company will have to build out to connect with the utilities.

More information here

States which No More Have Free Rural Land Programs

These states once had free land available, however the programs aren’t active. I believed it was vital that you list them here because so many articles mention them as still getting free land.&nbsp


The remote capital of scotland- Anderson, Alaska, once had a totally free land program. That program has since been suspended, meaning no free land will come in Alaska.

There are several condition lands available with the Alaska Department of Natural Sources. These lands have a price, however, many are for sale to inexpensive. Get more information here.

North Dakota

The city of Antler in North Dakota accustomed to offer free land. However, the disposable land program is not active, and also the town’s population has declined. The populace was 27 this year and fell even lower to twenty residents in 2021. There aren’t any other free land programs in North Dakota.


Maine will no longer have any free land programs. Camden, Maine, once had a totally free land program up to around 2014. That program gave away 3.5 acres of land. The dog owner would need to pay $200,000 upfront but could be reimbursed 1/three of the amount for each 8 jobs produced. Further, the produced jobs required to pay greater than the typical wage within the county.

It’s important to note this free land was located to begin of the former tannery. As you former worker stated, “That place would be a chemical waste pit.”&nbsp

Grafton, Illinois

The city of Grafton, Illinois, once had a land reimbursement program: the customer would pay $5,000 for much and obtain reimbursed through FEMA. This program is built to persuade folks to leave the ton zones in Grafton.

Metropolitan areas Where One Can Get Vacant Lots free of charge &nbsp

Some metropolitan areas have programs that provide residents vacant city-owned lots underneath the condition they “improve” all.

These lots usually aren’t free but they are inexpensive. The terms are usually a lot more relaxed than individuals in free rural land contracts. You normally have to own the adjacent lot to be eligible for a an empty lot. &nbsp

1. Zoysia, New You are able to

Getting free land in Zoysia, New You are able to, with the Urban Homesteading Program can be done. This program has been around effect in excess of 4 decades now. Underneath the program, you have to fix any code violations around the free property within 18 several weeks and live in your home not less than 3 years. More information here

2. Allegheny, Pennsylvania

The Allegheny County Vacant Property Recovery Program conveys land to applicants who’ve “demonstrated the ability to carry it out.Inches&nbsp Prices for nonprofits or community organizations is decided on the situation-by-situation basis and depends upon the planned utilisation of the land. More information here

3. Erie County, Pennsylvania

Underneath the Erie County Land Bank Vacant Lot program, residents can buy vacant lots alongside their qualities for any heavily discounted cost (beginning at $500). More information here

4. Baltimore, Maryland

Underneath the Baltimore Side Yard program, residents can buy the lots next to their qualities for $500. Non-adjacent lots are $1,000. More information here

5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee includes a Vacant Side Lot program. Underneath the program, residents can purchase city-owned lots next to their qualities for $1. These lots don’t have any development potential but can be used as gardens, open spaces, or side yards. There’s also many lots readily available for $100 to $500. &nbsp

Get more information here&nbsp

6. Muskegon, Michigan

The little town of Muskegon in Michigan has some $1 lots available. However, the issue is the fact that these $1 lots are “non-buildable” lots and can be used for “beautification or development of natural habitat.” The town also refunds as much as $1,000 in landscaping costs. If you wish to develop all, the town sells lots for 75% of the particular value.

More about this program here

7. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has lots of programs allowing residents or developers to purchase vacant lots free of charge or cheap. Here’s an introduction to the key programs.

  • City Lots for Working Families (CL4WF): Developers can purchase city-owned lots for $1 as long as they create affordable single-homes
  • Adjacent Neighbors Land Acquisition&nbspProgram&nbsp(ANLAP): The program accustomed to sell residents adjacent city-owned lots for $1. Now, the costs have elevated to 10% of market price.

You’ll find information on the programs here along with a map of accessible property here.

Alternative Choices for Free Land

Shouldn’t live within the places offering free land or can’t satisfy the needs? Here are a few options which will help you purchase land for affordable.

Welcome Home Programs

The Us Government and lots of Condition Governments have “Welcome Home Programs.” Underneath the program, you can aquire a grant to purchase a house. The grants are often as much as $10,000 though many people – for example veterans – could possibly get as much as $15,000.

Farm-Link and Land-Link Programs

These programs connect more youthful maqui berry farmers with older maqui berry farmers who can’t farm any longer but don’t want their land developed. The concept would be that the older maqui berry farmers will pass their land lower towards the more youthful player. You normally need to pay a subscription fee to gain access to the network. You’ll find more information here.

BLM Land

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) doesn’t have free land available. However, they are doing from time to time sell land for affordable. Generally, BLM land for purchase doesn’t have farming potential. See information on BLM land for purchase here.

Government Auctions

The government and native governments regularly sell land, for example property grabbed from crooks or land with delinquent taxes. Even though many people effectively get reduced land from all of these auctions, it isn’t easy. You’ll need to perform a large amount of research. It might take years before you get a appropriate property out on another get outbid onto it.

USDA Rural Land Grants and Loans

The USDA has various Rural Development grants and loans. The terms are extremely favorable for those who wish to farm or homestead. Get info here.

Places That Will Pay Out to maneuver There

Many towns and small metropolitan areas now provide moving incentives, including cash for moving there. These funds might help offset the price of buying property.

Native American Programs

If you’re a person in an accepted tribe, you might be qualified to obtain financial grants for purchasing or creating a home. You can observe a few of the programs here.

Squatters Legal rights (Adverse Possession)

This really is questionable, but loopholes within the “adverse possession” laws and regulations allow squatters to obtain property free of charge. The laws and regulations are complicated and vary between states. There’s also lots of personal risk involved because so many states require squatter to own the home continuously for 25 years in other to obtain legal rights into it.

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