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As the growth is small, the populace of Iowa has continuously elevated each year from 1900 to 2020. However, the majority of this growth is going on in bigger metropolitan areas. Almost all of Iowa’s small towns have experienced simply no population growth. A number of these small towns are really losing population.

To combat these population losses, some towns in Iowa have began free land programs. They hope the lure of free land will encourage more and more people to reside in their towns.

By writing, there are just three towns in Iowa that also have active free land programs. I’m also including some free land programs that aren’t active given that they frequently get pointed out in other articles.

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Marne, Iowa

Marne has already established a “free lots” program for more than ten years. The disposable land is just readily available for residential construction. Homes should be a minimum of 1,200 square ft, and construction should be completed within 18 several weeks. Regardless of the free land program, Marne continues to be losing population. They went from 120 residents this year to simply 110 in 2020. Get more information around the program here.

Osceola, Iowa

Osceola includes a relatively popular well over 5,000 residents. For quite some time now, they’ve were built with a free land program. Homeowners could possibly get free lots for residential qualities, only on select sites. Developers may also get as much as $8,000 reimbursed. You will get more details here and here.

Manilla, Iowa

The Manilla Economic Development Corporation produced an improvement area. Then they gave away lots during these developments free of charge.&nbspAs of writing, a minimum of 12 homes were built or are while being built.&nbspThere are 15 free lots obtainable in the “New Sunrise Addition Phase II” development. The lots are only concerned with single-homes, and you will find many clauses. Have more information here.

By the 2020 census, Manilla were built with a population of 775 – a 1-person decrease from 2010.

Aurora – NOT Active

Aurora once had a totally free land program. However, this program was just for builders and developers while using free land for residential qualities. The town received no proposals, therefore the program is not active.

Newton, Iowa – NOT Active

Despite what another articles say, there’s forget about free land enter in Newton, Iowa. Rather, Newton includes a housing initiative where homebuyers could possibly get $10,000 – only on homes worth $190,000 or even more. Get more information here.

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